JJ Landis | Books for Kids
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Barrett jumped into his cardboard rocket with a butterfly net, yelled goodbye to his family, and blasted into space. His mission was to capture stars to use on his grandpa’s birthday card.


Come along with Barrett as he journeys through space and meets a wise, old star who guides him on his quest.


Themes of bravery, exploration, kindness, love.

Based on a true story! Mia has a quarter to toss in the fountain for a wish. She doesn’t want ice cream or a puppy, but something more.

Themes of adoption and security.

Marshall Mellow discovers kindness in the world while finding his way home.

Themes of fear, bravery, friendship, adventure.

Meet Conner! A little boy who fulfills a big promise to a special friend he meets in the hospital.

Themes of bravery, illness, helping others.

All proceeds from The Pajama Promise go to the Conner M. Holland Foundation.

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