A few years ago, I was up to my eyeballs in doll clothes, diapers, Play-Doh, Legos, peanut butter and jelly, and laundry. My waking hours were consumed with tantrums, demands, quarrels, and tears.


We moms often go through our days exhausted, barely able to see straight. I adored my children so much my heart hurt from joy. Despite my love though, sometimes I felt I was drowning in chaos.


Some days, back when the kids were young, I looked forward to their bedtime as the highlight of my day. I suspect every parent feels that way once in a while.


No matter how tired I was though, almost every night I read one or two picture books to my three kiddoes. This was a little bit of magic I discovered early on in my mommy career!


You know what happened when I took the time to read to my little people each night? They snuggled. They calmed down. They listened. They learned. I didn’t “teach” them anything, but they learned stuff! They got along. And they went to bed like angels.


Books are magic like that!


My children are now in middle and high school. Once in a while, I still force them to listen to me read. They roll their eyes and make fun of me, but they put up with it.


Everyone, no matter their age, loves a good storybook!


That’s why I write books for kids and their parents — for the love, for the snuggles, and for the magic.


JJ Landis writes children’s books to help parents teach kids they have a place and purpose in the world and they are enough just as they are. She’s an advocate for reading aloud to kids and surrounding them with as many picture books as humanly possible. JJ published her first book in 2015, Some Things You Keep, a memoir about growing up after the suicide of her mom, but has always been a children’s author at heart. JJ is a librarian in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, where she lives with her husband and three kids, an occasional foreign exchange student, the calmest dog in the world, and an irrational cat.

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“Beautiful story of life and love. Wonderfully written.” Kim E.


“JJ Landis is a gifted writer with quite a story to tell.” Anne H.


“Very inspiring!” Jeff L.

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