Politics, skunks, skin disease, and a blue burrito - JJ Landis
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Politics, skunks, skin disease, and a blue burrito

My bedroom smells like paint from my current “I’m sick of beige walls, so let’s change everything” project. Strong odors give me headaches, so I was glad to come downstairs this morning and snuggle in my happy space with coffee and the news. I enjoy the early quiet in my house, my favorite time of day. Lee and I had a successful “do nothing” weekend away (read about it here) and I was still feeling a bliss hangover this Monday morning.


The national news was quick to knock me off my cloud. More than my disdain for the current political headlines is my disappointment in my fellow humans, as the onslaught of judgment and hatred on all sides comes forth. (Note to self: Stop reading the comments.)


My son, always the first child awake, moseyed into my office wrapped in his favorite blanket. He lay on the floor for a few minutes, resembling a blue, quilted burrito. I don’t know why he doesn’t put on a hoodie and long pants when he’s chilly – I guess there’s comfort in dragging a blanket around for warmth.


Burrito Boy went to the kitchen for a bowl of Golden Grahams and came to sit next to me. Crunch crunch (I’ve written about this before) crunch.


“Are you going to listen to Daily Audio Bible?” he asked between bites of cereal.


Let me tell you something. If your almost-13-year-old kid asks to listen to the Bible, you drop what you’re doing and click open your Daily Audio Bible app!


But, as attention spans run rather short in this family (with the exception of Daddy), Alex (still wrapped in blanket) soon stood and carried his empty bowl to the sink and failed to return.


There I remained listening to Leviticus 13, which begins with a section called: “Diagnosis of skin disease.” I know it’s God’s Word and all, but it just wasn’t soothing me the way, say, a Psalm does.


Let’s recap: Started day off with news – always a bad idea. Followed up by a loud eater dragging a blanket around. Followed by a dose of how skin infections were dealt with in the Old Testament.


And then, “Momma! There’s a cat chasing a skunk! And Daffy (our cat) is out there too!” the Loud-Eating Blanket-Wearer yelled! I ran to the back door abandoning all concern for the boils of Bible times and saw a skunk run under my deck.




It’s been three hours since then. The kids left for school. The husband departed for his day of work in the big, bad world. I need to get my butt in gear and go the grocery store, prep dinner, and then get to work. The chaos has subsided. My house is quiet again, peaceful and still, if a bit skunky smelling.


It’s time to finish the daily Bible reading, understanding that all of God’s Word has value. It’s time to understand that every interaction in this home has value as well. I’ll take the crunching and the yelling and the blanket and even the smell of skunk and paint.


I’m alive and surrounded by rich, extraordinary people and events that cause laughter and tears in the same moment. Bring it on!
photo credit: Peeved skunk via photopin (license)

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