If I'm not careful, I will miss my whole life - JJ Landis
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If I’m not careful, I will miss my whole life

Disheveled, twitchy, big-hearted Alex walked in the front door after being dropped off by my neighbor with whom I shared kindergarten carpool duty. I hadn’t accomplished nearly enough during my precious two-and-a-half-hour window of time while he was at school. Frustration and angst whirred in my heart as my productivity gave way to unpacking his bag and feeding him and his baby sister lunch.


I dug papers from his backpack while he talked. I didn’t hear what he said; it was noise that I didn’t have time to process. He wanted my attention, but I wanted to keep moving forward and accomplish the next task.


I threw some peanut butter sandwiches and carrot sticks on plastic plates and filled sippy cups with milk. After their lunch was gulped down, I ushered them off for naptime.


Deep inside, I knew (read the rest of this post at Mamalode.com where it is featured this month)

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