Making a difference, three dollars at a time - JJ Landis
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Making a difference, three dollars at a time

Innocence and optimism. She made bookmarks and pictures and went house to house hawkingthem for cash. After she hit up all the neighbors we know well, she set up shop in the driveway.


The money she made, all $3.16 of it, was placed in a fabulously decorated envelope and given to friends who have a son with special needs.


Little things. Making the difference. The time and determination put into a project that earned less than the amount of a latte could be interpreted as futile.

But how much more that is than my measly ten percent. The check I write that doesn’t hurt. The money I don’t miss. The thirty seconds it takes to fill in the blanks.


The efforts transpired without parental involvement – I was at work, and her daddy was in his home office monitoring the kids from afar (read: ignoring).


What was left of my poor, melted heart gushed through every part of me capable of pride and love when I discovered pictures and videos taken by her big brother. He took about a hundred shots. Bless that boy.

Can Jesus be more real to me than He is right now? His skin I can touch. His voice I can hear.




We need to work on her spelling. Sall = Sale

  • Karen Botkin
    Posted at 19:58h, 11 October Reply

    So sweet! Did you realize the significance of $3.16? (John 3:16) She is LOVING the world just like Jesus loved it. 🙂

  • Anonymous
    Posted at 08:28h, 06 October Reply

    See what my ‘hands-off’ style of parenting produces. LL

  • Amelia
    Posted at 12:43h, 05 October Reply

    Ok seriously, melt my heart and bring tears to my eyes today. I kept thinking of the widow’s mite. What we think is little is actually huge. That seems to be how it works in the way of Jesus. Thank you for sharing this precious moment.

    Posted at 09:14h, 05 October Reply

    Beautiful, JJ, because a child like this has models in front of her full of grace, generosity, and love for others. What a moment to remember. Thank you for sharing!

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