Liturgy of the Forsaken - JJ Landis
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Liturgy of the Forsaken

The Resurrection is coming soon, but Jesus can’t rise from the dead without being killed first. That’s today.


We are strong believers in my family, but we’re not good with rituals and traditions. I planned my son’s 14th birthday party (six boys staying all night!) for tonight, not considering it’s Good Friday.


Instead of being religious this holy evening, I’ll be feeding pizza to teenagers. Instead of somberly remembering the crucifixion, I’ll be yelling at boys to clean up their trash, remove muddy shoes, take turns on the computers, put down the knives, and go easy on the cake and ice cream.


At some point this weekend though, I am going to stop everything and put in my earbuds to listen to the special Good Friday episode of CXMH, a podcast at the intersection of Christianity and mental health. I was surprised when one of the hosts, Steve Austin, asked me to share a story for this episode. I simply read a portion of my testimony. Several writers, mental health experts, pastors, and others also share. I’m imagining that it will be heavy and hard to hear, but also hopeful!


He will rise!

You can check it out here!

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