Goose - JJ Landis
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An adorable picture book for children! In Goose by Molly Bang, a goose egg is swept out of the nest in a storm and comes to rest and hatch in a den of woodchucks. The woodchucks raise the goose as their own and the goose grows up thinking itself a very inadequate woodchuck.

The sad goose eventually goes away to see what she can figure out by herself.

Out in the world, she learns a lot, but in the end, she goes back home to her family, the woodchucks.

I grabbed this book out of the Easy Readers at my library, barely looking inside. The writing looked simple and the pictures cute, so it was a perfect book for me to take home to my kids.

The subject matter is so sweet. I’m considering buying a copy of this book for my friends who are adopting a baby from a culture other than their own.

It’s a good message of the strength of family. For those of you who read endless picture books to your children, this one will touch your heart. For anyone who has an adopted child or has sent a child out into the world, I think you will appreciate this tender tale.

(Written for my library’s blog.

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