The Bible, my daughter, and Full House
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bible daughter full house

The Bible, my daughter, and Full House

Yesterday, instead of waking when my 5:30 alarm sounded, I awoke late to a child with morning breath in my face saying something about something that was happening after school. Oops. I missed my whole morning routine and barely had time to say good-bye to the two big kids who leave at 7:00.


On the first day of 2016, I read a friend’s Facebook post about her habit of listening to the Bible every morning. In 2015, she made it through the entire Bible. Because I have optimistically embarked upon countless Bible reading plans that have dissolved faster than my good intentions could carry me through Genesis, I was intrigued. I downloaded the recommended app called “Daily Audio Bible” on January 1, and have already listened entirely to Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, and Matthew and am in the midst of Numbers, Mark, Psalm, and Proverbs.


The podcast host reads from a different version of the Bible each week; each day he includes Old and New Testament with passages from Psalm and Proverbs. He usually offers a bit of commentary as well, which I’ve found helpful. It’s been interesting, though I will admit Leviticus about did me in. (New to the Bible? DO NOT begin with Leviticus!)


My morning routine involves coloring while I listen. (Coffee is also critical.) Yes, coloring is cheesy and rather pointless, but If I sit still doing nothing, I fall asleep (the host’s voice is soothing and there are nature sounds in the background) or I fiddle around on my phone and get distracted. Coloring keeps me awake, but lets me focus on God’s Word.


After oversleeping, I tried to fit in the audio Bible quickly before my shower, while it was just me and the youngest waiting for her bus to come. But alas, I failed.


This daughter is usually cleaned, fed, and dressed with an hour to spare (perfect little thing!). Since she’s so good at making her bed, cleaning up after herself and using her time wisely, I let her watch TV in the morning.


Because Fuller House is a thing now on Netflix, I’ve introduced my family to Full House, where it all began… I have just realized that this is also cheesy and pointless. Hmmmmm.


Nevertheless, I found myself too weak to withstand the pull of the Full House Complete Season One DVD (from the friendly public library) while the daughter watched before school.


I can listen to my Bible app anytime throughout my day – while eating, while doing laundry, while driving to work, while lying in bed. I can only watch a sappy, happy sitcom with my 9-year-old daughter for this moment in time, while she’s home, while she wants me near.


Sometimes you read the Bible and sometimes you watch TV with your baby.

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