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Daddy the hero

Florida Vacation 2012 (54)

This is a repost from last June. Still makes me smile/cry:


Three backpacks full of broken pencils, candy wrappers, tattered binders, calculators, erasers, and 49,000 pieces of paper have been abandoned by their owners. They rest next to my desk and seem to be alive, breathing, burping, emitting odors, secreting liquids. Today (day two of summer vacation) is the day that the bulging bags will be emptied and put away until the end of August.


I made the mistake of unzipping Alex’s with the silly notion that I was going to clean out the backpacks for the darlings. When I saw five hardback books, two 3-ring binders, and several folders stuffed with papers, I realized this was not a job for Mamma.


Before re-zipping, I couldn’t help but look at a few of Alex’s papers. Below is the content of an essay he wrote. The assignment was: Choose someone you know (either a friend/relative or someone who is famous) whom you think is a hero and write an informational essay that explains the reasons for your choice.


I cleaned up his spelling (oy!), but left the rest intact. He received 10 out of 20 points, which is a failing grade. However, what he knows and claims about his hero Daddy is better than a good grade to me.


My dad is very hard working and spends a lot of time on fun things. For example, he dug a small pond in my backyard, fixes it when it needs it, and puts fish in it. Next he dug a bigger hole, but put snakes and toads in it. Another thing that my dad did was find road kill, cleaned the bones, and helped me assemble some of the bones. These are some facts about my dad that proves he is hard working.

My dad is also creative and fun. First he makes pies and he is a pilot. So, one day he said to make seven pie parachutes. Then a week later, he took me flying and I was supposed to throw the pies out the window. Three parachutes worked. He is planning to do it again soon with better parachutes.

Another thing that makes my dad fun is that at the beginning of the school year he shows two movies outside for the neighborhood. Plus lots of people camp outside. Something that is amazing is that my dad bought only a projector and he built the screen himself.

One final fact about my dad is that he helps me make candles. First I collect wax from candles that don’t work, then we melt the wax down into liquid. After that I dip a string into the wax lots of times until I have a thick candle.

Those are some facts about my dad that makes him fun and creative.


Alex attack Lee (2)

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