Crazy Busy - JJ Landis
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Crazy Busy

crazy busy


What attracted me to the book Crazy Busy by Kevin DeYoung was the subtitle: A (Mercifully) Short Book About a (Really) Big Problem. Gotta say, it was brilliant for the publisher to call this a short book – otherwise I wouldn’t have picked it up. It was indeed a quick read but was packed with a lot to think about.


I rarely have a conversation with a peer without us talking about our busy lives. I noticed early on in motherhood that this busy talk rubs me the wrong way, primarily because it seems like bragging, a badge of honor proclaiming our importance.


Complaining about being busy also seems sort of ungrateful. Poor me, I have to drive my three healthy, vibrant children to their after school genius club (ha! Right…). Poor me, my kid is in 60 different sports and I am so busy driving him to games and practices. Poor me, I am so busy with my important, high-paying job that I don’t have any time to shop for designer flip-flops for my vacation in Bermuda next week. Ya know what I mean? Some people should be so lucky, right? None of those scenarios are true by the way (just want to make sure you know I don’t have genius kids or a high-paying job nor do I vacation in Bermuda).


I made a decision a few years back and have tried (but failed a lot) to be honest about my life but without crabbing about all the stuff I have going on. It seems like I’m always being asked if I’m busy. I answer truthfully, but try to get the point across that good things are occupying my time. Living is not a burden.


This “crazy busy” phenomenon (whether or not we grumble about it) is real. I think the reason we’re always chattering on about our schedules is because we want to find calm, we know something is wrong, something has to give.


Crazy Busy uncovers many reasons for our hectic lives. The chapters are broken down into specific causes of our angst. Here are some of them:

You Are Beset With Many Manifestations of Pride

We take on too many responsibilities because we want to feel good about ourselves and want others to like us!

“Ambition for our own glory must not be confused with ambition for God’s glory.”

“Am I trying to do good or to make myself look good?”


You Are Trying to Do What God Does Not Expect You to Do

Jesus didn’t do it all! He said no. He rested. He hid. Why do we try to do it all? We think we can take on every cause and save the world, but we were not asked to or created to help everyone.


You Can’t Serve Others without Setting Priorities

We need to live deliberately.

“Without forethought of purpose and follow-through of plan, we will keep pushing aside the priorities we say are our actual priorities, the important things like God, church, family, and friends.”


You Need to Stop Freaking Out about Your Kids

We need to lay off all our guilt and realize that what children need and want are less tired and stressed parents.

“Kids are safer than ever before, but parental anxiety is skyrocketing.”

Kids will remember our character more than the specifics of our parenting style. Relax.


DeYoung gives many more diagnoses that I will let you discover for yourself! I will leave you with this poignant paragraph:

“Busyness, as I’ve been diagnosing it, is as much a mind-set and a heart sickness as it is a failure in time management. It’s possibly to live your days in a flurry of hard work, serving, and bearing burdens, and to do so with the right character and right dependence on God so that it doesn’t feel crazy busy. By the same token, it’s possible to feel amazingly stressed and frenzied while actually accomplishing very little. The antidote to busyness of soul is not sloth and indifference. The antidote is rest, death to pride, acceptance of our own finitude, and trust in the providence of God.”


Be deliberate today. Thanks for reading!

  • Bev
    Posted at 09:57h, 18 March Reply

    I love when someone else can pull my scattered thoughts together and write it out. Now I hope to better articulate my thoughts on busy-ness when the occasion arises. Thanks for putting your thoughts in print, JJ! I always appreciate reading your blog.

    • JJ Landis
      Posted at 15:31h, 18 March Reply

      You would probably like the book Bev. Good for an organized type such as yourself.

  • Becky
    Posted at 20:28h, 17 March Reply

    Loved this book and Kevin DeYoung! So much good insight. I highly recommend it as well.

    • JJ Landis
      Posted at 15:32h, 18 March Reply

      Becky, Thanks for your comment. JJ

  • Peggy Zehr
    Posted at 17:24h, 17 March Reply

    Very, very insightful. Nice writing too!!

    • JJ Landis
      Posted at 18:36h, 17 March Reply

      Thanks Peg!

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