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balanced life, heart, kids, life is good, living for real, love, marriage, perspective, prayer, run, suicide, thirst / 08.06.2017

I’m drained and exhausted. Tedious tasks scream to be tackled. Nothing is wrong. Nothing is really wrong. But the world around me is demanding my attention and time. And my attention is feeble. My energy and focus are depleted. I try to center myself, to embrace my mess. The segments of my day, the chunks of time, crumble. I try to sweep up bits and minutes for use, but scraps are all that are left. I walk away from the mess beaten.   Yesterday was my twentieth wedding anniversary. Going...

heart, kids, life is good, living for real / 20.07.2016

She’s been begging me to teach her to sew for a while now. I’ve been known to sew arms and eyes back onto stuffed animals and replace the occasional missing button, but being creative with fabric, needle, and thread is not my thing.   Lucky for Emma, she was able to talk her grandma into sewing with her when they spent the day together last week. Grandma had unearthed a teddy bear craft kit, a thrift store find from years ago. Inside the clouded, brittle plastic bag with the 2.99...