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acceptance, adoption, beauty, blessings, grace, kids, life is good, love, parenting / 28.07.2016

Recently I heard someone tell about an adoption of a special needs child from another country. He explained some of the parents’ arduous and expensive, heartfelt process, and then said, “Imagine the joy…” as he described how the child must have felt about being adopted. The little boy would be loved unconditionally and taken care of his whole life. He would experience privileges in this country that he would never have had a chance for in his home country.   Though I completely understood his point, all I could think about...

courage, golden rule, grace, kids, make a difference, perspective, prayer / 09.04.2016

A friend of mine hangs out on a street corner each weekday morning, with her grandsons and other kids waiting for school buses. Some of the children lack decent housing because their home was condemned. Some are refugees from Malaysia. They are open and honest with one another on that corner, and often pray and read the Bible together.   Some days, my friend is loud and crazy with them, when there’s a beautiful sunrise for example. I believe this, as she has an exuberant personality and speaks constantly of God’s goodness and majesty.   At the corner across the street stand several teens, who are usually silent and sullen. Recently, one of the teenagers lost it, screaming at my friend for staring at him, for getting in his face. He said he hated her, hated old people, hated her God.   At first, she walked across the street and offered him some chocolate. He kept yelling, so she backed off. For the next few days, she was shaken, so she prayed and wondered how to respond.
freedom, grace, living for real, past, some things you keep, suicide, writing life / 25.03.2016

Happy First Birthday to me! March 25, 2015, a dream became a reality when my book Some Things You Keep was published.   A year later, I am still satisfied with my work, my writing, my story. Doing it all over, I would rearrange some things and correct errors, but for the most part, the finished product has held up. I’m proud of myself for not disparaging anyone, for being respectful (yet honest) concerning my family.   Most people don’t know the difference between traditionally published books and self-published books. As a book...

bible, contentment, grace / 09.02.2016

  We hear a lot of sermons about the last day of God’s Creation, the day of rest. The Sabbath. But what about before that, the other six days?   God created something each day of that first week. When He finished His daily creation, He looked at and evaluated it. Seven times in Genesis 1, we read a version of the sentence: “God saw that it was good.”   Whatever you believe about the Biblical account of Creation, as far as when it happened or how long it took, or even if...