About Me - JJ Landis
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I wrote a play in 4th grade, starring me as the wealthy and beautiful woman who wore a ruby red gown. My friends were cast in the lesser roles: the detective, the maid, and the dog.


In 8th grade, I wrote an autobiography called “Age 13 and Looking Back” for an English class assignment.  Since this was about a year after my mom killed herself, I probably could have gotten away with writing all truth. But I embellished my story by adding a fictitious friend that I killed off for extra measure. (The things that go on in the mind of kid with a wounded heart…) I’ll never know if Mr. Hagenow believed my narrative, but I did receive an A. He even wrote a special note with his red teacher pen about my promising writing talent. I cut out his praises from my college-ruled notebook paper to keep and threw away my writing.


From that outstanding beginning of my writing career, I’ve not progressed too far. Though, I have written another autobiography – but this time, it’s true. (Some Things You Keep available from Amazon.com)


I’m currently working on a second book, which will be reflective stories about the ups and downs of an ordinary life.


My blog is my platform, my voice, my prayer, my offering.



Some nitty gritty about me:


-I am a 40-something-year-old mom of three. My husband Lee and I have been married since 1997.


-We’ve lived in Kentucky, Florida, Hong Kong, and Pennsylvania.


-I have worked on a farm detasseling corn (shout out to the Midwest) and have written birth and wedding announcements for a newspaper. I’ve been a magazine editor and have taught third grade. I am currently a youth services professional in a public library.


-I’m a high introvert who always wants to be alone. Yet I hate being alone, because I fear my own emotions.


-I love black coffee and drink way too much of it. I would prefer to snack all day rather than eat any meals (this makes for a bad example for my children). I could live without meat, but I don’t.


-I do not dislike doing laundry.


-I enjoy going on walks and runs and exercising at the YMCA.


-My favorite place in the world is Hong Kong.


-I am passionate about picture books and find them sorely under-appreciated by most adults.


-I listen to about ten podcasts a week.


-I would rather read books than blogs.


-I enjoy people who are straightforward and honest, even if we have differing opinions.


-I am more prone to make a rash decision rather than stew over something.


If you can make me laugh, I love you.


-I have a strong faith in God. I completely believe in Jesus and His death and resurrection. Despite this, I have more questions than answers.